[ENG] 9.5. [DKSF 53/203.1 IU] Recommendations

If a transceiver is stuck in a protocol as a result of a failure, noise, an operator's error or managing software failure, and reacts improperly to incoming commands, a reset can be performed by a short-term (5 s.) switching off a transceiver from a NetPing device.

Try to avoid recording commands in electroluminescent or LED lighting. The flickering light with a frequency of operation of the electronic ballast can decrease a quality of a recorded IR signal.

Watch avoiding any objects, particularly operator's hands, between an emitter of an IR remote and an «eye» of a transceiver while recording commands.

If a recorded command works unreliably, change a location of a transceiver in relation to a controlled device. In addition, change conditions of recording a command.