[ENG] 9.2. [DKSF 53/203.1 IU] Reproducing IR Commands through the Web Interface

An IR control module works with an IR transceiver IRC-TR v2. A transceiver can record and reproduce IR signals from remotes of home appliances. 

To reproduce IR commands, go to the page «IR COMMANDS» of a web interface of a device:

In the section «Saved IR Commands» recorded IR commands are reproduced.

To reproduce a saved IR command click the button «>» in the section «Saved IR Commads» next to the name of a necessary command. A red LED on a transceiver must be switched off for 0.5 s., initiating reproducing a command.

Do not reproduce «empty» command cells, where there is no proper record of an IR command. This can cause a transceiver to freeze.

You can also play IR commands using the SNMP  protocol and HTTP API commands.