[ENG] 8.6. [DKSF 53/203.1 IU] GSM Modem Does not Work. How to Reboot It?

The information in this section is related to the  NetPing 2 IP PDU GSM3G 203R15 with a built-in GSM modem. Starting with firmware version 203.1.2, there is no limit for unsuccessful modem reboots. If  there were 10 reset attempts within an hour, the firmware pauses for 10 minutes and resumes attempts. If reloads are less than 10 times an hour, there is no pause.

If there are certain reasons for SMS notifications not to be sent, and a device is not managed by SMS commands, it is possible to reload a GSM modem at the page «SMS» of a device web interface:

In the section «GSM Modem Troubleshooting» there is a need to click the button «Restart GSM», afterwards a modem will reboot.

In the field «Last error of GSM modem», the last error of the modem is indicated. To display an actual error, there is a need to click the button F5.