[ENG] 8.10. [DKSF 53/203.1 IU] How to Know the IMEI of a Built-in GSM Modem?

The information in this section is related to the NetPing 2 IP PDU GSM3G 203R15 with a built-in GSM modem.

In order to get the IMEI (international identifier of Mobile Equipment) of the built-in GSM modem, go to the HOME page of the web interface:

Or go to the service page of the device’s web interface at:

where: — IP-address of the NetPing device;

/at.html — service page for sending AT commands.

In order ot send an AT command to get IMEI you need to: 

  1. Write a command in an empty field «AT+CGSN» and press the button «Send»;
  2. Press the link «Get result» in order to see IMEI of the built-in GSM modem. 
    Страница просмотра результата выполнения AT-команд устройства NetPing