[ENG] 6.2 [DKSF 53/203.1 IU] I Want to Configure Sending Notifications about the Events on the Triggering of a Relay. How to Do This?

To configure sending notifications for events on triggering an embedded relay, there is a need to go to the page «RELAYS» of a device web interface:

When clicking the button «Setup» a menu of settings for sending notifications on the next directions appears: Log, Syslog, E-mail, SMS (in devices with an embedded GSM modem):


Switching On/Off – is a checkbox, when checked notifications on changing a relay status will be sent.

Include in Summary Report  is a checkbox, when checked reports on a status of an embedded relay will be sent via e-mail and/or SMS.

Time for sending reports is set at the pages «SMS» and «E-MAIL».

After setting all necessary parameters, click the button «Save changes».