[ENG] 3.1. [DKSF 53/203.1 IU] How to Configure a Hostname, a Location and Contact?

To configure a name and a location of a device as well as its contacts, there is a need to go to the page «Setup» of a web interface of a device:

In the section «Device Identification» it is possible to configure:

Device Hostname – is a domain name of a device. It allows distinguishing among several NetPing devices of the same type according to a name. A name is represented on the homepage and in the heading of a web interface, in an e-mail notification in the field «From:», in other notifications and available via SNMP – sysName. On default: empty line

Device Location – is a description of a place of installation of a Netping device. It is displayed on the home page and in the heading of a web interface, is available via SNMP – sysLocation. On default: empty row

Contact – is the administrator's contacts (usually, an e-mail). This information is available via SNMP – sysContact. On default: empty row

After configuring all necessary parameters, click the button «Apply changes».

In addition, it is possible to configure these parameters using an SNMP v1 protocol by setting OID values using the command Set:






A domain name of a device.

. (SIZE (0..255))READ/WRITEA location of a device.
. (SIZE (0..255))READ/WRITEContacts.