[ENG] [2PWR,v2SMS] Operating, Storage, Transportation and Disposal Conditions

It is allowed to use a device only in excellent technical condition and only for intended purpose according to a user guide. A device must be used according to «Safety Rules for Working with Electrical Equipment».

It is necessary to remove immediately all factors able to cause decreasing a safety level of using a device.

A device is designed for a continuous round the clock operation indoors only. A room designed for using a device must fulfill fire safety requirements.

In working conditions a device is resistant to air temperatures from 0°С to +40°С and relative humidity from 5% to 95 % when a temperature is 25°С (without a moisture condensation).

A construction of a device provides a reliable uninterrupted operation during long time with no need for special maintenance. Developed functionality for remote setup and configuration allows to change any parameters remotely and centrally for a big amount of devices.

Kindly contact a technical support by the address support@netpingdevice.ru if any issues arise when using a device and for additional information.

A device can be stored within a temperature from 40°С below zero to 70°С above zero and atmospheric pressure from 675 to 800 mmHg. A device must not be stored longer than 6 hours within conditions with extreme values of a temperature.

The contents of a dust, vapors of acids and alkalis, aggressive gases and other harmful admixtures causing corrosion should not exceed the content of corrosion-active agents for the atmosphere type 1.

A device may be transported by any kind of transport when packaged and protected from a direct influence of precipitation when a temperature is from 40°С below zero to 70°С above zero. A device must not be transported longer than 6 hours within conditions with extreme values of a temperature range.

Before unboxing, after transporting within temperatures below zero, there is a need to keep a device in a package in normal conditions for at least an hour.

A device is not dangerous for life and health of people and environment. After its lifetime is over it must be recycled in a service organisation according to norms, rules and methods, used by the recycling organisation. A device is suitable for recycling. Do not throw it out with household waste.