[ENG] 9.1. [DKSF 52/202.10 IU] How to Record IR Commands Correctly?

An IR Control module works with an IR transceiver IRC-TR v2. The transceiver can record and reproduce IR signals from remote controls of home appliances. 

To record IR commands, there is a need to go to the page «IR COMMANDS» of a device web interface:

New IR commands are recorded in the section «IR COMMAND RECORDING»:

  1. Prepare an IR remote, from which it is necessary to capture a command.
  2. Make sure that a red LED on the IR transceiver glows steadily
  3. Choose a command number «N» and enter its description into the field «Memo (device, command)».
  4. Click the button «Start recording». Send a command from an IR remote 30 seconds after clicking the button «Start recording». Otherwise, a transceiver will go to a standby mode. A remote and a transceiver must be disposed coaxially at the distance of 10-30 cm for an «eye» of a transceiver to see a transmitting IR LED of a remote. A command will be recorded. 
  5. Check a recorded command by clicking the button «Play/Test». 
  6. Click the button «Save» to save a command in a nonvolatile memory if a command is successfully reproduced.

It is desirable to check again the operation of an IR command by clicking a corresponding button «>» in the section of saved commands.