[ENG] 8.1. [DKSF 52/202.10 IU] How to Know a Balance on the SIM Card?

Information in the section applies to the device NetPing 2/PWR-220 v2/SMS with a built-in GSM modem.

There is a need to go to the page «SMS» of a device web interface to know a balance on the SIM card installed into the SIM slot of a device:

In the section «GSM SETUP», specify a USSD code of a corresponding service provider to request a balance.

USSD Command for request of GSM account status  is a command sending a USSD to request a balance.

In the section «GSM ACCOUNT», click the button «Send USSD Request». In a few seconds, the information about a balance on the SIM card will appear in the field «Reply to the USSD Command of status request».