[ENG] 7.2. [DKSF 52/202.10 IU] Configuring the Operation Mode of an Input-Output Line

To set an operation mode of an IO line, there is a need to go to the page «DISCRETE IO» of a device web interface:


IO Mode – allows to set an IO line into the mode «input», «output» and «logic output». On default: input

At the page «DISCRETE IO», current settings of discrete input-output channels are displayed. In the mode «input», «output» and «logic output» it is possible to configure automatic sending of SNMP TRAP, SYSLOG, e-mail, and SMS notifications, notifications into a log file as well as periodic reports about a status. In the mode «output», it is possible to set a logic level at a line through the web, SNMP and HTTP API interfaces. In the mode «logic output», a logic level at a line is set by a logic module.